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Maisha Bora Plan
  • Household Health
    Household Health The Kileleshwa Medical Household Health Plan is the affordable solution for you! Our PrePaid Medical Plan is NOT health insurance, but a plan that provides you with health assurance. Assurance that you will have priority access to great medical care when you need it. In today's unpredictable environment there's not very much you can control, with our tailored plans control your how you spend on medical expenses

This outpatient product covers consultation including access to our specialist in our pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, speech therapy, physiotherapy and dental clinics. It will also cover lab tests, dental x-ray and ultrasound with the patient charged KES 10,000.00 minimum deposit.

With the Maisha Bora Plan, households will benefit by having any member of the family who has been authorized by the account holder having access to the services. This plan will mean big savings for medicals expenses plus a 10% discount which is offered to the users covered for all other services available at KMP. Unused balances are rolled over to the next year meaning that you will not loose any money deposited with us. Since this is essentially not a medical insurance scheme, members are free to terminate the contract with deposits refunded upon a 30 day notice. This will give you an added peace of mind for you and your family.

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