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Household Health Plan
  • Household Health
    Household Health The Kileleshwa Medical Household Health Plan is the affordable solution for you! Our PrePaid Medical Plan is NOT health insurance, but a plan that provides you with health assurance. Assurance that you will have priority access to great medical care when you need it. In today's unpredictable environment there's not very much you can control, with our tailored plans control your how you spend on medical expenses

We now have the affordable solution for you! The Household Heal Plan is NOT health insurance, but a Pre-Paid Plan. It provides you with health assurance of priority access to great medical care when you need it and it is available to individuals, families, and employers.

With our Household Health Plan it is no possible you can control how you choose to spend on health care. We believe that each person is smart enough to know what they need. Your doctor and you are a team with one focus - your health, just like it should be.

So whether you're looking for individual health care, a plan to cover your family, or you're an employer needing benefits for your valuable employees, we have the affordable solution.

Contact us today for more information.

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Homebased Care Services

Even with expanded coverage and access to good care is extremely limited, especially outside of hospital settings. At Kileleshwa Medical Plaza care we believe that effective treatment can be implemented either in the clinic or home environment as long as the focus remains quality care. We aim to help alleviate the burden of care-giving for a family lessening the impact of the sickness on the family.