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  • Corporate Background
    Corporate Background All our technologists and staff come to you with a solid professional background. They not only have the training and experience that is required. Modern life is demanding and finding the time to see a doctor when you are ill can be challenging. Often you are in a hurry to feel 100% again, but by ignoring your symptoms you can affect your performance which long term can lead to more serious health issues. We have specialist who diagnose and deliver effective treatment regimes that are achieved through the latest techniques.

At Kileleshwa Medical Plaza (KMP), we offer comprehensive out-patient medical services. Our facility is equipped to handle all out-patient needs including stabilizing patients before transferring them out for admission purposes.

KMP has some of the lowest turnaround times. This is especially designed and suited for busy organizations. Priority is given to staff members from different organizations that have a service arrangement with us. This will ensure that they spend as little time as possible at the facility. 

The norm at most competing medical facilities is long waiting times in the delivery of healthcare services that translate into lose of productive working hours. This is in part due to their location and delivery process. At KMP we have streamlined all our services to ensure that you can access the best that we have seamlessly. We are also conveniently located to ensure you have a hustle free experience.

We are located at Kandara Road, Kileleshwa. Our prime location, near your office, makes us best suited for emergencies, staff who call in sick, occupational accidents and staff who fall ill while on the job. Our service is geared towards providing:
•    quality service assurance every time time.
•    only qualified and registered personnel are employed and retained.
•    soft and serene ambiance suitable for enhancing wellness and the healing process.
•    precise diagnostic tests which form the hallmark of brand.

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Medical Specialists Services

We have specialist who diagnose and deliver effective treatment regimes that are achieved through the latest techniques. The Kileleshwa Medical Plaza offers a warm and friendly environment where you can consult confidentially with a wide variety of internationally accredited medical and surgical specialists. All our specialists practice in accordance with the strictest clinical standards. We aim to provide the highest level of private specialist health care in pediatrics, gynecology, to care for the elderly. All this is done in a serene and comfortable environment.